As an actress and storyteller I have always enjoyed creating characters. My persona is no exception. So I was delighted to learn about the A&S50 Challenge, and chose to do my Challenge items around my persona.

Below is the list of my 50 items for the persona challenge. 


  1. Done! Make tunic for son
  2. Done! Create and teach 5 different performance classes
    1. The Dramatic Bard
    2. The Dramatic Storyteller
    3. Telling the Period Ghost Story
    4. Adapting the Sagas for Storytelling
    5. Remnants of Revenants
    6. Writing Alliterative Poetry
    7. So You Want to be a Bard
  3. Done!  The Tale of Glam (adaptation into Norse poetry of a story from The Grettis Saga)
  4. Done! The Lonely Traveler (Anglo-Saxon poem about a legend from the Cheviot Hills; I also tell this as a story)
  5. Done!  The Wolf’s Story (a story of  a werewolf in the style of The Ynglinga Saga)
  6. Done! Selected Diary and Letters of Margaret Wynter (fictional diary entries and letters from a 15th century gentlewoman)
  7. Done! There is a Fair Fort: In Memory of the Lords of Lyondemere (After Taliesin)
  8. Done! The Knight of Eire Sails Far: Sir Killian Mac Taggart (Irish chain poem)
  9. Done!  Voluspa (selections from “The Voluspa” from The Prose Edda)
  10. Done! “The Wild Hunt and the Mine Monk” (combined two Germanic legends and placed them in England)
  11. Done!  Merlin and Vortigern (story from Historia Brittonum)
  12. Done! Arete and Heracles (a Hercules story illustrating the virtue of honor)
  13. Done! Odysseus and the Sirens (poetry and song from The Odyssey; I set the lyrics to a 15th century tune)
  14. Done! Make braid set
  15. Done! Teach class on Norman costume
  16. Done! Read Gale Owen-Cocker’s Anglo-Saxon Dress in England
  17. Done! Make working/war dress #1 (royal blue)
  18. Done! Make working accessories (headgear, chemises, woven trim)
  19. Done! Make working/war dress #2 (brown)
  20. Done! Make working/war dress #3 (violet)
  21. Done! Make Norman court undergown (red silk)
  22. Done! Make Norman wimple and veil set (golden cream silk)
  23. Done! Make Norman ceinture (beaded woven fabric)
  24. Done! Weave trim (inkle)
  25. Done! Hand-sew gown
  26. Done! Hand-sew mantle
  27. Done! Teach class on “Storytelling from the Sagas”
  28. Done! Host a Scary Bardic circle
  29. Done! Write and perform a story from Laxdaela (The Trial of the Dead)
  30. Done! Write paper on draugrs (Remnants of Revenants)
  31. Make Norman laced bliaut
  32. Hand embroider gown
  33. Complete persona questionnaire from An Tir’s Culturewiki
  34. Write paper on elf charms
  35. Create 5 journal entries for Caitlin — Progress: 2 done
  36. Write paper on Northern English Christian practice in the 12th century
  37. Write paper on Anglo-Norman belief in the supernatural
  38. Write a Day in the Life in 3rd person
  39. Create annotated timeline for Caitlin’s life
  40. Learn Old English pronunciation
  41. Make bardic book
  42. Create scrapbook of 12th century farm life
  43. Accompany my performance with harp or drum
  44. Read The Prose Edda
  45. Read The Poetic Edda
  46. Read The Laxdaela Saga
  47. Read Grettir’s Saga
  48. Write an alliterative poem using learning from Poetic
  49. Write and perform a story from Prose
  50. Self-publish a collection of my supernatural poems and stories