Pentathlon 2015: Poem

I wrote this poem in January 2015, just in time for early compositional entries for Caid’s Pentathlon 2015. The original prose story is found in the 14th century Orkneyinga Saga. I created the poem as a stanzaic fornyrðislag style. Sigurd and the Raven Banner Songs we sing of                                 Odin’s messengers Ravens black, bearers                          of the… Continue Reading Pentathlon 2015: Poem

Story: “Merlinus and Vortigern”

I told this story last Saturday on March 14 for Caid’s wonderful every-two-year Pentathlon event. I always change the narrative during performance to make it mine; this is the bones of the story. I took the original story from the 9th century Historia Brittonum (History of Britain), translated by Robert Vermaat. However, I changed the… Continue Reading Story: “Merlinus and Vortigern”