This won’t be a long report because I am way too lazy but I wanted to write something down. So here goes in no particular order: I packed in the rain, boo! But when I arrived on site the rain was pretty well gone. I do love the drive there and back again, it’s really… Continue Reading GWW

Nevern Castle and Lovecraft

Archeologists have unearthed a dozen incised stone slates from Nevern Castle’s 12th century cut-stone entranceway. Several were carved with star designs. They might be decoration, they might be spiritual protection, who knows. The funny thing is that I immediately thought about the incised star carvings in Lovecraft as protection against the Old Ones. And no,… Continue Reading Nevern Castle and Lovecraft

Period but Creepy

All right then. In the 5th century, Anglo-Saxons reoccupied the old Roman hillfort of South Cadbury (a traditional site of “Camelot”). Modern archeologists discovered finely made kitchen pottery that turned out to be … get this… re-used Roman funerary urns! For KITCHEN pottery! And how do you think the Anglo-Saxons got hold of said pottery?… Continue Reading Period but Creepy

Irish Burial — Revenants?

Lady Avicia was kind enough to send me a link to an article on a strange unearthed burial practice in 8th century Ireland.   The article led to more research, which led me to realize I had a big misconception about the Viking timeline in Ireland. I replied to Avicia that 8th century Ireland was home… Continue Reading Irish Burial — Revenants?