Now THAT’S a Viking Chest

We’re used to recreating wooden Viking chests. That’s fine, I’d like to own a few myself. But as a matter of contrast I present a serious Viking chest from @1000 AD. It presently resides at Bayerisches Nationalmuseum: Added afterward: this is the Bamberg Casket dated about 975. It is Scandinavian work but was found in… Continue Reading Now THAT’S a Viking Chest

Medieval Beasts

I would kill to attend this! “Beasts on Parchment: Picturing Animals in Medieval Manuscripts” at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Here is the description: Animals played an important role not only in the lives of medieval people, but also in their thought. Animals bore the brunt of medieval agricultural practices and they also… Continue Reading Medieval Beasts

Apron Dress in My Future?

I admired the apron dresses my friend Eabha was wearing last weekend at GWW. There were tons of other  nice-looking apron dresses walking around too. I deliberately placed my persona in time and region (late 11th Northumbria) so I could take advantage of Norse fashion. It’s not an exact match since the apron dresses and… Continue Reading Apron Dress in My Future?