Updating Tourney Wardrobe

I like my court wardrobe a lot but I have HAD it with my tourney/war wardrobe. Ill-fitting, OOP fabrics, too hot or too cold, flooding hems, not enough layers, aging fabrics, BORING. I hate my war and tourney wardrobe. So here’s the plan: Long-sleeved linen chemises under everything. Handkerchief weight for warm weather, mid-weight for… Continue Reading Updating Tourney Wardrobe

Answers to 40-Question SCA Meme

1. Mundane Name: Christine (Chris) Taylor 2. Mundane Job: Industry Analyst (basically a business writer and consultant for the technology industry) 3. Persona name: Caitlin Christiana Wintour 4. How did you come up with your name? I just liked the name Caitlin. I picked Christiana to echo my real name Christine. I picked Wintour because… Continue Reading Answers to 40-Question SCA Meme