Minor Magic

LordĀ Frostulfr the Swordsman of the East kindly gave me permission to share his Facebook status in my blog. He is the “cool uncle,” and as far as I am concerned a very cool person.

Lord Frostulfr wrote:

“The idea of “dealing with minors” has come up a few times this week, for a few different reasons.
There is something I would like to say on the matter:

My nephew’s first event where he could understand where he was; was last Birka. This is an event not particularly known for it’s “magic”, but it was close to home. He wandered around with us, bored.

Until court, where he watched two people become Peers.

The ceremony, the people, the reverence, even the schtick… it struck him deeply. He, in his tiny five year old voice asked more on target questions than all the college students near us combined. Spongebob has never held this child’s attention this securely.

After the royalty processed out (me being the cool uncle who knew the shiny hat people), he professed something to me: he wanted to meet the king and queen.

Birka court, long travel, day trip event, closes down in minutes, and opens up into Manchester traffic… this kid wants to talk to the most sequestered person in the city.

… it’s tough to be the cool uncle.

So I bring him, and I present him to the queen (while they’re quickly trying to change and flee the building), that this little boy wanted to meet with the king.

I watched as a tired queen distracted him, after yelling “Edward! Get your crown on!”, while the king came to meet with this kid. They talked with the suddenly shy little boy, and made his day. He was quiet for a long time after that.

Last month; I lead my contrada’s parade at Palio de Stonemarche, and next to me was my little nephew, who -had- to wear a tabbard over his tunic, so he could represent. He -had- to ride the stick-pony, like a knight. He -had- to hold his sword up high, because “We are Sole!”

I may be the cool uncle, but -he- was the little boy who a -king- took time to speak to, as a King.

Starting at that Birka, I made the conscious decision to -act- like a Lord, especially to children. To make -them- believe that I wasn’t just a guy in a shiny hat who hit people, but a Lord, who did battle.

A viking who laughed loudly at jokes, sang songs (badly), and allowed every child who crossed my path to lose themselves in the moment and feel like they’re back in time.

Somewhere between politics, competition, awards, and posturing… we forget sometimes that it’s the children that we do this for, especially the little kid inside you…

… who tells you it’s not a piece of rattan and duct tape… but real live steel and you’re a real live knight.

Be the persona.”


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