Anglo-Saxon Hospitals? Who Knew?

Apparently no one did until the recent discovery of certain burials underneath the former Leper Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen in Winchester, Hampshire. The site is no stranger to burials — excavation crews and archeologists have unearthed a motley collection of corpses since the 1960’s. The difference this time is that the corpses ap between… Continue Reading Anglo-Saxon Hospitals? Who Knew?

Period but Creepy

All right then. In the 5th century, Anglo-Saxons reoccupied the old Roman hillfort of South Cadbury (a traditional site of “Camelot”). Modern archeologists discovered finely made kitchen pottery that turned out to be … get this… re-used Roman funerary urns! For KITCHEN pottery! And how do you think the Anglo-Saxons got hold of said pottery?… Continue Reading Period but Creepy

Now THAT’S a Viking Chest

We’re used to recreating wooden Viking chests. That’s fine, I’d like to own a few myself. But as a matter of contrast I present a serious Viking chest from @1000 AD. It presently resides at Bayerisches Nationalmuseum: Added afterward: this is the Bamberg Casket dated about 975. It is Scandinavian work but was found in… Continue Reading Now THAT’S a Viking Chest