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My projects for the Lyonbard competition and Caid 12th Night are complete. On to Estrella War and Pentathlon!

Estrella: Garb, garb and more garb — I’m actually pretty well prepared with warm garb for Estrella, but I like updating and adding to my early 12 century wardrobe. Who doesn’t? I have a great red and white checked wool, I love that stuff. I’ll make that into an Anglo Saxon undertunic and also a hood that will go with everything. I made a red hood already and loved it, but the fabric was really too fragile. So I’ll use the same drafted pattern and make another one out of the much sturdier wool. I’m not allergic to wool and this is soft, but I’ll line it anyway. This is the 12th century hood, not the fitted and often buttoned 14th century version. I’m also mulling over lining my wool mantle with fur, as opposed to making a new full-length cloak with fur lining. I love the mantle which is out of purple wool, but it only goes to my knees and a cloak would cover more of me. I can do both eventually, it’s just which one is smarter for Estrella.

Estrella: Tent fittings — I brought out my new-to-me 12×12 Regent to GWW, but forgot some of the poles. We got it up anyway but it lacked a certain… er… ambiance, not to mention its dining fly. So this time it will be up in all its glory. The plan is to decorate it inside. I already have the carpets but never did anything much beyond that. So I want to use period-looking wooden boxes and hide the rest under the slat bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Pentathlon: Costume modeling — Gold brocade bliaut/overgown trimmed in red and gold, embroidered chemise, beaded ceinture, etc. Court Norman goodness abounds out of as much research as I can do. Granted there is a dearth of definitive costuming evidence out there, but we can make some well supported conclusions.
Pentathlon: Various bardic stuff — Storytelling, dramatic presentation, dramatic reading. Maybe singing, although last time I wrapped singing in with my dramatic presentation. I like the way that worked.
Pentathlon: Persona presentation — I had a great time doing this with my 15th-century persona in Pentathlon 2005. With a new 12th century persona a whole new world has opened up to me.
Pentathlon: Composition — In Pentathlon 2007 I wrote a series of letters from an Elizabethan gentlewoman as a prose piece. This time I may do a set of journal entries from a 12th century Anglo-Saxon. Conversely I might do a play selection, which would be really fun too.
Pentathlon: Other stuff — I’m not very good at several of the other tracks, particularly Functional and Culinary. This is by no means a complaint, since I really like how the Pentathlon rules make you take on projects that you are probably not that great at. It’s a stretch for me and that’s a good thing. So we’ll see.
Pentathlon: Team — I’ll do something with my household team (Cliar cu Buidhe). Not sure what yet, but we’ll all trying to get past GWW first. BTW, the Cliar troupe has created a Yule CD! Get yours at GWW in time for Christmas!

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