Writing and Performance

I’m trying to put my various period writing and performance pieces into some sort of order. Following is a list of my period writing and performances. Starred entries mean that I have both written and performed them so they appear in both categories. Writing *The Tale of Glam (adaptation into Norse poetry of a story… Continue Reading Writing and Performance

Caitlin’s Journal: The Tale of Glam

1089. December 30. I have heard a tale and such a tale it was! I will write a poor song from it but I must finish it later for I have neglected my duties long enough. Here is its beginning but not its end. Wealthy was Thorhall    when winter struck fast the fruitful glades    of… Continue Reading Caitlin’s Journal: The Tale of Glam

“We Are the People of al-Sahid”

By Caitlin Christiana Wintour Mountain gates guard the Shire of al-Sahid. We are the people of the winds, of the rocks, of the deserts, of the heights. In mountain fastness and windswept plain we dwell. We are the people of al-Sahid, and we stand. On our banners the armored scorpion glows. Beneath the rockfall the… Continue Reading “We Are the People of al-Sahid”