Festival of the Rose

Caid’s Festival of the Rose will happen this Saturday.  FoR (as opposed to Fellowship of the Ring) is a twice-yearly day of arts and sciences honoring the reigning Queen. I’ll be performing, and it would really help if I could decide which pieces to do. I’m planning on about 7 minutes total so will either do two shorter pieces or one 7-minute story. (BTW, the longest stories I tell come in at 10 minutes.) Possibilities include:

  • Witches scene from Macbeth — “Boil, boil, toil and trouble…”
  • “The Traveler” — my original poem about an old legend from the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland
  • Odysseus and the Sirenes — selection from The Odyssey about Odysseus and the sirens. It mixes dramatic poetry and song. The song of the sirens is translated from the original (though not by me!) and I set it to a 15th century tune whose name I always misspell. “Palastinleid” I think.
  • “Merlinus and Vortigern” — an odd little story from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of Britain. Unlike the others, this one is longer at about 7 minutes so I’d do it by itself.
  • Then again, I’ve been known to change my mind the morning of a performance! It’s good to be spontaneous.  ;>

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