Irish Burial — Revenants?

Lady Avicia was kind enough to send me a link to an article on a strange unearthed burial practice in 8th century Ireland.   The article led to more research, which led me to realize I had a big misconception about the Viking timeline in Ireland. I replied to Avicia that 8th century Ireland was home… Continue Reading Irish Burial — Revenants?

Caitlin’s 25-or-so Best Blogs for SCA History Geeks

A new-to-me website called published a post called “50 Best Blogs for Medieval History Geeks.” The post wasn’t terribly good — some of the blogs were pretty awful and others had little to do with medievalism. But it gave me the idea to do a similar post for SCA readers. Archaeology Archaeology in Europe:… Continue Reading Caitlin’s 25-or-so Best Blogs for SCA History Geeks

Medieval Beasts

I would kill to attend this! “Beasts on Parchment: Picturing Animals in Medieval Manuscripts” at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Here is the description: Animals played an important role not only in the lives of medieval people, but also in their thought. Animals bore the brunt of medieval agricultural practices and they also… Continue Reading Medieval Beasts