Documentation for “The Wolf’s Story”

This post documents my original story “The Wolf’s Story” Iceland’s medieval works comprise one of the greatest bodies of national literature. Written between the 12th and 13th centuries, the sagas and stories contain history, romance, and the supernatural – often all at once. One of the best known and skilful authors was Snorri Sturluson, who… Continue Reading Documentation for “The Wolf’s Story”

“The Lonely Traveler”

By Caitlin Christiana Wintour The Cheviot cloud-trails ring round the fog-shrouded valleys, and lonely lanes weave round dark fells. Criminals can be found here, bringing blood and sorrow to the unwary far from field and farm. Yet worse things there are then wild men in the howling hills. From the granite ground grow the dark… Continue Reading “The Lonely Traveler”

Period Performance Sources and the SCA

I am having an interesting email conversation with a friend about using/recreating period sources for bardic performance in Caid. From my perspective, I would like to see bards draw much more heavily on period sources than many do now. I do realize that this can be more challenging with music than with dramatic performance, which… Continue Reading Period Performance Sources and the SCA