11th-13th Century Scissors

This little pair of scissors from Wüsten Schloss in Oschatz, Germany, has been dated between 1000-1250. I don’t read German so I don’t know the names of the rest of the objects. If one of you does please comment because I would love to know.

As always I’m happy to find objects that existed in my persona’s early 12th century time period. We know that scissors and shears did exist but it’s always good to find a picture. The wonderful Medieval Material Culture Blog has more links to pictures of period scissors.

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3 thoughts on “11th-13th Century Scissors”

  1. ok, I am a German native speaker and tried to translate the words for you with http://dict.leo.org/

    This are copies of:
    Armbrustbolzen – quarrel
    Sichel – sickle
    Messer – knife
    Hufeisen – horseshoe
    Schere – scissors
    Sporn – spur
    early german time, a part of it even later

    Best regards