Pentathlon 2009 — Finis

Caid’s Pentathlon is a Very Big Deal. It’s a kingdom-level Arts and Sciences competition and display that happens once every two years. It’s a rather huge production and the kind of competition that immerses you, grabs you, shakes you like a dog, and spits you out. O.K., just kidding about that last part. But it’s… Continue Reading Pentathlon 2009 — Finis

A&S 50 Challenge

I am excited about participating in the SCA’s A&S50 Challenge. For more information on the Challenge you can check out the website. and if you like what you see join the Yahoo group. I will be doing the Persona Challenge. You can see my entries under the category “A&S 50 Challenge,” appropriately enough. The Challenge… Continue Reading A&S 50 Challenge