This is an older piece of persona research dating from 2008. 

What is your name and how did you get it?

My name is Caitlin Christiana Wintour, born in the village of Sharperton in northern England. My mother had thought to be a nun when she was young. She married my father instead but sought to honor Christ in my naming. “Caitlin” is a Gaelic form of “Katherine,” which means “pure” (Greek katharos). “Christiana” is a Greek form of “Christina,” which means “Christ-bearer.” I know this because my mother learned to read and write at the convent and taught me with my father’s permission. Ladies in the south of England are more inclined to be able to read and write, but it is more rare up here in Northumbria.

How would you be addressed?
I hold dual citizenship in England and Caid. In Caid. I am called Your Ladyship or The Honorable Lady Caitlin. In Northumbria I am in rank an ides (i-duhs, a lady or noblewoman) and I am titled Hlafdige (HLAV-dee) Caitlin.

What year and place is it?
It is 1110 AD deep in the Cheviot Hills of Northumbria, England. I was born in 1075, after the Conquest and before the Harrowing of the North. I gave birth to my son in 1097 and was widowed in 1100, the same year that King William Rufus of bloody memory died. And good riddance too. At 35 I am an mid-aged adult. Peasant women age more quickly than women in my position and I am healthy, so I expect to live to 50 or even older.