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I am thrilled to be the new Lyonbard, the territorial bard of the Barony of Lyondemere in Caid. My competitor (and good friend) is a brilliant violinist, lovely singer and storyteller, so I am very humbled as well. I am looking forward to serving the barony and being stretched and challenged to grow as a bard.

The three pieces in the competition were an historical piece from the SCA time period, an original composition celebrating an aspect of Lyondemere, and a genealogy of the barons and baronesses of Lyondemere. Here are my three pieces:

  • “Since First I Saw Your Face” by Thomas Ford, 1605. This was a straight singing of the well-known Ford piece. I wish I played instruments as well, but I don’t — so good thing I can sing a capella!
  • “The Lion of the Strand” by Caitlin Christian Wintour. This was my first-ever original song composition of both words and music. It’s definitely a first effort, but it’s a milestone for me.
  • “There Is a Fair Fort: In Memory of the Lords of Lyondemere” by Caitlin Christian Wintour, after “In Praise of Tenby” attributed to Taliesin. This poem fulfilled the challenge to write a piece containing the names of the barons and baronesses of Lyondemere.

I will also be using two of the pieces to help fulfill my A&S 50 persona challenge. I’m not counting “Since I Saw Your Face” as it is well out of my chosen period, and I have known the song for  years anyway. My original piece has more to do with 14th century styles than 12th century music but personal composition is one of my goals, and “Fair Fort” could have been a period work. (The original work may have been 14th century but may also date back earlier than the 10th century. No one really knows.) I am also choosing to use the competition as part of my challenge. My persona would certainly not have traveled to Earl Robert’s seat to compete as a territorial bard, even if they had such a thing. But part of my personal challenge is to grow as a composer, poet and storyteller; and part of that growth is bringing performances to life in front of other people. So there you are.  ;>

Again, my deepest thanks to my beloved household who encouraged me to enter, my dear friend Belasset, also a member of my household, Their Excellencies Thomas and Angelina, and the warm audience who honored me with their time and attention.

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