Yet More Progress

After a year of not sewing anything, I’m making progress. I reported that the blue-green stripe is done. The red silk is done; this is the undergown for the elevation outfit. I’m working on the gold overgown now. I couldn’t figure out how to make the pendant sleeves as geometry is the subject I made “C” on in high school. And I’m sure it was a pity-C at that. I have done one on the blue bliaut but it was a square and not a rectangle, which I found more challenging. I finally figured it out with the aid of a good layout I found online, so I should finish the machine sewing tomorrow. Then handwork which I don’t mind doing.

I did some bead experiments on the trim for the overgown but it looks weird so I took it off. The early 12th century German noble gowns were pearl-encrusted, but the French/Anglo-Normans did not appear to do that level of beading. Not that we have huge numbers of examples, but there you are. So I’ll let the fabrics do the talking instead of the beading. The fabrics are pretty luxe so should work.

I also cut out a hood from the gold fabric and if I have time I’ll line it and finish it. This will be for the elevation after-party — excuse me, reception — in case it gets chilly and I’m wearing a thin veil. Also because hoods are cool. BTW, my household is busy making household hoods for our regalia so I’m also looking forward to that. But for the reception, I really wanted a hood that matches the gown.

So things are moving on! The other thing I want to do is refurbish my carrying banner. It’s still in pretty good shape but it’s definitely a tourney/war banner and not very dressy. Heh, at least I have one and it’ll be fine.

The other thing is probably crazy but I feel good about doing it. I’m doing a performance at Open Arms Bardic on the Friday of war. I actually don’t perform all that often because I have some anxiety associated with it. But I would feel silly being Laurelled for bardic/performance arts at GWW and not doing a performance! Kind of like being Laurelled for costuming and showing up in a t-shirt. I’m looking forward to it now, it just takes a little more work but most of the pieces I already know. Besides, it’s good to build my repertoire since I want to step up my performing in general.

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