A&S 50 Progress

Here is my latest listing for my Persona Challenge. To learn more about A&S 50, go here: A&S Website.


  1. Create and perform period poem #1 — “There is a Fair Fort”
  2. Create and perform period poem #2 – “We Are the People of al-Sahid”
  3. Create and perform period song #1 –“The Lion of the Strand”
  4. Make set of wrapped braids
  5. Make Norman court gown – red/gold
  6. Make Norman ceinture — taupe
  7. Make period tunic #1 for son — green
  8. Crate and perform period story #1 — “The Trial of the Dead”
  9. Create and perform period story#2 – “The Wolf’s Tale”
  10. Make working/war dress #1 – Fuchsia linen
  11. Make working/war dress #2 – Green wool blend
  12. Make working/war dress #3 – Purple linen
  13. Make Norman court mantle – gold and ermine
  14. Make Norman wimple and veil set
  15. Study Gale Owen-Crocker’s Anglo-Saxon Dress in England
  16. Make Norse-style coat

To be done

  1. Complete persona questionnaire from An Tir’s Culturewiki
  2. Write paper on elf charms
  3. Create 10+ period journal entries for Caitlin
  4. Draw up plans for persona farm
  5. Collect 20+ pictures of Cheviots as they might have looked in persona period
  6. Collect 20+ pictures of period farm and household implements
  7. Study and decide what pets and livestock we might have kept; collect and annotate pictures
  8. Take collected pictures, plans and other persona materials and create an online persona scrapbook
  9. Create and perform period poem #2 (“The Lonely Traveler” – written but not performed)
  10. Collect 10+ period stories
  11. Write paper on period folklore and the supernatural
  12. Write a Day in the Life in 3rd person
  13. Write essay describing the funeral for Caitlin’s husband
  14. Embroider shoulder band
  15. Embroider filet
  16. Write paper on historical figures in persona region
  17. Take a slot at Open Arms Bardic
  18. Study Exeter Book; share notes
  19. Study Prose Edda; share notes
  20. Learn tablet weaving
  21. Weave 50’ of trim (note: that’s feet not yards!)
  22. Make period tunic for son #2
  23. Write paper on the typical farm year
  24. Record 3 works and upload to personal website
  25. Make period shoes for me
  26. Study persona’s religious practice
  27. Create annotated timeline for Caitlin’s life
  28. Learn Old English phonetically
  29. Translate Old English into modern English
  30. Translate modern English into Old English
  31. Make period bed covers for war
  32. Create period encampment by studying interiors and furnishings
  33. Hand-sew one complete outfit using period stitches
  34. Make bardic book

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