Projects I Would Like to Do

This list was originally my thoughts for Pentathlon 2011, which is why I chose the categories I did. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to do it — I’ve already done 3 Pentathlons in a row and it’s time to judge for a while instead of compete. But I still  like the project list. This is separate from my A&S 50 list and one of these days I’ll get around to melding the two. I think.

Visual Arts

  • Period models. I swear that I’m not just inspired by the famous Bog entry, although that was GREAT. I entered a roombox in a previous Pentathlon and want to do it again, but this time model the exterior of it to fit a real-life exterior more than I did before. This would be the firehall of my persona’s Anglo Saxon farmhouse.
  • Heraldic display. This will be the entry I MEANT to do for this last Pentathlon and ran out of time. A peacetime gonfalon.

Culinary Arts

  • Preserves and/or Wine (fruit). The common theme would be to use my own apples. I have 5 gorgeous apple trees and have thought for a long time that it would be cool to use them in a Pentathlon entry. I do not cook in general  but I can do this. Apple butter is another thought… would that be a condiment? Not sure. Anyway, using my own apples would be the deal. Otherwise I’m not that interested in culinary other than eating!

Performance Arts

  • Performance Arts, Other. Storytelling, which is arguably my best performance type.
  • Vocal performance. I sing but I don’t play an instrument, so I want to learn the harp to accompany myself. This is a long-held goal  anyway for me.

Fibre Arts

  • Needlework: Counted Thread Work. I will finish a half-done project that I love, a copy of a piece by Mary Queen of Scots.
  • Surface Embroidery. This will be embroidery on garb, most likely a gown for me.

Functional Arts

  • Leather: Shoes. Another project I didn’t get to on time. This one would be 12th century lady’s slippers with embroidery. BTW, if you hear shrieks of anguish coming from my way don’t worry — it’s just me figuring out how to make a turnshoe.
  • Book Arts. Not sure here — I’m thinking a portable writing book. I can’t remember what it’s called –  it attaches to the belt in its own pouch. It’ll come to me.

Compositional Arts

  • Poetry. Anglo-Saxon poetry is full of the richest images and metaphors imaginable, I love it.
  • Research or How-To Paper. I’m a professional writer so I should be able to get this straight. ;>

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