Cooler Cover

I have been wanting to disguise my camping cooler for a long time now. At present the disguise consists of throwing a pseudo-Celtic cotton wall hanging over it — messy and clumsy when I want to actually open the cooler to get something. I can’t do woodworking so won’t be building a box. I looked at some nice looking rustic cooler covers, but they’re meant to be furniture and the smallest one weighs 60 pounds. I don’t think so. I could also buy Panther Primitive’s canvas cover but want something that’s fitted to mine.

So I plan to make a painted canvas cover. I think I’ll make it as a center panel which goes on top of the cooler, and 4 panels to cover the 4 sides. There will be a combination of sewn seams and ties — as few ties as possible and still keep the sides up. The point is to get in and out of the cooler quickly. So there will be a top-to-back seam and side seams attaching all 4 sides. The cover will slip down over the cooler. The top will be cut large and hemmed so the two sides and front edges will overhang. There will be a single tie on the top and front to keep the front up when the cooler is closed. I’ll make a mock-up to check the fit and use that as the canvas pattern, since I want to paint the pieces flat before sewing them. I’m a horrible artist but stencils are my friend. I’ll paint my badge I think, but may do something else. We’ll see.

This is for Estrella… yes, 2010! I also have several wool gowns and a coat to make. Guess I’d better get started!

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