Black Rose Ball

Caid’s Clothier’s guild is putting on its annual Black Rose Ball tonight. The theme is Henrician court garb so Tudor glory will be out in force.  I look forward to admiring these lovely outfits on other people. However, I won’t be wearing one. I  thought about it since I did Elizabethan for years and have all the underpinnings, but I dislike making garb that I won’t wear again. Fortunately I have a good excuse (not that I need one, but still). I’ll be modeling 12th century in the timeline fashion show. I’m looking forward to that since I can pull out all the stops for once: chemise, cote, bliaut, veil, wimple, circlet, mantle, shoes, jewelry — you get the picture. Also a call went out on the list for an artist to paint the early Celt model — I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing that!  I faithfully promise pictures.

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