Apron Dress in My Future?

I admired the apron dresses my friend Eabha was wearing last weekend at GWW. There were tons of other  nice-looking apron dresses walking around too. I deliberately placed my persona in time and region (late 11th Northumbria) so I could take advantage of Norse fashion. It’s not an exact match since the apron dresses and… Continue Reading Apron Dress in My Future?

Finished a New Dress… Finally

Why oh why does it take me so long to sew? I’m making 11th century Anglo-Saxon tunics for heaven’s sake. Granted they’re rectangular construction and not the cheat-method of  making tunics, but come on. It’s not exactly hard. Oh well — it’s done, or nearly so. I just need to hem it. The cool thing… Continue Reading Finished a New Dress… Finally

Updating Tourney Wardrobe

I like my court wardrobe a lot but I have HAD it with my tourney/war wardrobe. Ill-fitting, OOP fabrics, too hot or too cold, flooding hems, not enough layers, aging fabrics, BORING. I hate my war and tourney wardrobe. So here’s the plan: Long-sleeved linen chemises under everything. Handkerchief weight for warm weather, mid-weight for… Continue Reading Updating Tourney Wardrobe