Finished a New Dress… Finally

Why oh why does it take me so long to sew? I’m making 11th century Anglo-Saxon tunics for heaven’s sake. Granted they’re rectangular construction and not the cheat-method of  making tunics, but come on. It’s not exactly hard.

Oh well — it’s done, or nearly so. I just need to hem it. The cool thing is it came out well and I’m finally using the inkle trim I’ve been working on like a fiend. I’ll put up pictures of the new blue dress as soon as I get home. (I’m writing this from Lexington, MA where I’m on a business trip.) Next project: replace sewn-up side seams with laced sides on my gold bliaut. Not all bliauts were side-laced by any means, but I want to try the technique. Since the dress was not originally constructed with lacing this will raise the hem several inches, but I always wear it over a fancy cote so that’s O.K.

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