Gearing Up for GWW

I panicked this morning when I thought I only have 3 weekends left including this one before GWW. There are 3… sort of. Today is Sunday so this weekend is almost over. So I guess I should panic after all.

I’ve divided my goals into some challenges that my household (Cliar cu Buidhe) is sharing. Except for one: WASH MY PAVILION. If I try to set up my dirty pavilion again then I think the household encampment will pack up and move upstream without me. Even though mine does make the other pavilions look clean. I mean really, I have the Pigpen Pavilion. With that in mind, here are my GWW goals:

  1. Wash said pavilion. Seriously.
  2. Household Persona challenge: Make one new thing that defines your persona for you. I’m doing a couple of  things. 1)I feel like my persona when I’m wearing wimples and/or braids.  So I finished a new wimple and am refurbishing my braid sets since I cut my real hair. 2) This is new — painted furniture! The Anglo-Saxons loved bright colors and I’d like to paint either my bench or my small table. Ideally I’d like to replace my (dirty) white pavilion with a colored one but that’s a ways off.
  3. Household Scary challenge: This being me, the Scary challenge was of course my idea. I challenged the household to think of one supernatural thing that their persona would have known was dangerous. Ghosts, werewolves, revenants, demons, elves, etc. — these things were quite real to people throughout the SCA time period. I already know my answer BECAUSE I HATE THOSE BLOODY ELVES IN MY WHEAT FIELD.
  4. Household heraldic challenge: This is our initial response to an upcoming kingdom heraldic challenge. There is a lot more to it but basically we’re challenging ourselves to  create something new with our device on it. If I get really tricky I’ll paint my device on the to-be-painted furniture I mentioned above.
  5. Not a challenge really but I have a new story to deliver around the GWW fire. It’s the Orkneyinga Saga version of the Raven Banner story where things end badly for our hero! It’s OK though, he deserved it. Stupid raven banner.

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