Caid Pentathlon 2013

With my usual ironclad grasp of detail, I thought that the next Caid Pentathlon was in 2012. I grant you that I usually do my Pentathlon entries at the last possible moment but I’m trying to do better. Therefore I was thrilled to realize that Pentathlon is in fact 2013. Much better!

I am entering. I entered 3 Pents in a row and took a break last year to judge. I needed the break and judging experience but I really missed being a contestant. I know there is a question in some quarters as to whether Laurels should enter. This is not due to some theoretical universal expertise; everyone enters at least 4 categories and no one is an expert at everything. It’s more due to judging needs. Frankly Performance and Composition seem to be covered as I was only a judge in a single section last time. I don’t need to skip Pent so I can judge one section. If I were an expert in a bunch of period arts with a heavy number of entries this might be different, but I’m not. So there.

I’ll get smart and align my Pent entries with my A&S 50 Personal Challenge, and I always try to create things that I can use or that entertain others. Win-win (-win?)

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