This won’t be a long report because I am way too lazy but I wanted to write something down. So here goes in no particular order:

  • I packed in the rain, boo! But when I arrived on site the rain was pretty well gone. I do love the drive there and back again, it’s really pretty. (138 west from Wrightwood to the Ridge Route; gorgeous). Set the tent up in record time anyway in case it did rain again.
  • My Regent 12×12 tent was barer than I like it. I’ve been cutting down on my load but I cut too deep and now my tent echoes with not enough comforting stuff, or enough storage space to be practical. Illuminada has a long folding table in her Regent and I think I’ll adopt that. With a long tablecloth over it it has enough room to hide mundane storage pieces, I can set up my mirror/vanity area, and I can have my candles, books and Bible out too. I’ll bring my 2nd Savanarola chair for seating; it breaks down so doesn’t take up much room. I’ll feel more at home  that way.
  • After years of being a Clanach in Cliar cu Buidhe I’ve been accepted into household membership. I’m so excited! They’ll formally induct me at Estrella War. I have to remember my Clanach hood and pin or Frederick says they’ll have to reconsider.  ;>
  • It’s hard being a bardic sing-around-the-fire encampment right next to the loud sing-inappropriate-Irish-songs party house. Great.
  • My Dramatic Storytelling class went great with about 9-10 people. I and my friend Avicia were the only women there and Thomas Whiteheart said we had the beginnings of a bardic warband. It was exciting to see people enjoy the class and tell some great stories.
  • I will take another apprentice (welcome Angharat!) which brings my number to 3. I really enjoy helping good people along in their art so I’m thrilled! My apprentices are however threatening to camp next to my household and call themselves the Apprentice Barrio. At which point I turned red and sputtered.  ;>
  • I did a rare set at Open Arms Bardic — “rare” because I actually don’t perform all that often. Bless Belasset for sitting me down and talking me into it, because she was right. Of course, I have a portable audience — my household and other friends — so that makes me feel 100% better!
  • Lovely weather. A bit cold at night but adding a woolen mantle took care of that.
  • Good shopping! I picked up a Laurel goblet (couldn’t help myself), a set of cutlery along with Avicia, several books, some thread and a lucet from Pinebox Traders, and a beautiful gold wool that will be a nice overgown or coat.
  • Great eating as usual — Cliar cu Buidhe is justly famous for its camp cooking.

I am doubtless forgetting something but there you are. I had a lovely War.

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