Garb, sigh

Costuming is NOT my art. When I give myself time I can turn out some nice clothes, but because I’m bored I don’t give it the time it needs. And then I’m always thinking about what doesn’t fit quite right, and how I would do it differently, and how I’ve worn this dress into the GROUND and it’s pretty well time to replace it! *sigh*

Sometimes I think that changing periods will help. I love love love the veil and wimple look so I want to do something where I can still do that. 14th century qualifies. I also like crespinettes, cotehardies, surcoats, etc. It’s a pretty and interesting period. And the sagas that I specialize in were only written down in the 13th and 14th centuries so I wouldn’t be moving away from my story roots.

And then again… my eternal thanks to THL Beathog who lets me process this with her endlessly! She pointed out that the few times I actually wore a 14th century cote I didn’t really like it. Good point! So I’m thinking that changing periods isn’t the issue — spending time turning out a few good pieces is. I like 12th century clothing. I can do side lacing if I want more fitted things. I love the braids and wimples, the belts, the mantles. I love the layers. I just need to up my game.

This process happens in real life too. You’re bored and dissatisfied with a part of your life and you think you’re supposed to do something different or be with someone else. Maybe you should… or maybe you just need to put in the time and creativity to make something good, great.

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